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A:Introduction of warehouse and workshop

Our factory has one raw material warehouse and one finished goods warehouse. The annual inventory of aluminum rods in raw materials warehouse is between 100 tons and 500 tons. Insulation PE, XLPE, and the annual inventory of insulation (PE&XLPE) between 20 tons to 100 tons.

We have 5 workshops, namely, wire drawing workshop, stranding workshop, extrusion workshop, armored workshop, and cable laying workshop.Each workshop is equipped with corresponding machinery and equipment.

B:Equipment advantages

Drawing machine:

Quick porous feeding, in addition to ensuring the lubrication of wire drawing abrasive, wire drawing oil can also ensure the stability of temperature, so that the tensile strength of finished monofilament can be effectively controlled. The outside of the box is matched with high precision tension stabilizer and quick automatic disc change to ensure that the diameter of the finished product changes within 0.5 wire. The whole production process is closed, silent, with dust collection device, making the whole production process clean and efficient. Under the premise of ensuring clean environment, the qualified rate of finished products is extremely high.

Tubular stranding machine: 

With the practice of production and the accumulation of long-term experience, our pipe winch has part of the technical transformation, mainly including:

1. Part of the tension of the wire is released to ensure that the tension of each filament is the same and uniform, which fundamentally solves the snake-like occurrence of the strand.

2. The pre-modification of the outlet part ensures that each single wire has the same amount of deformation. Before entering the abrasive tool, each single wire can have the same force and pre-deformation, and then cooperate with the two groups of straighteners before traction to ensure that the stranded conductor is tight and the snake-free quality is stable.


In addition to purchasing the equipment produced by the leading enterprises of Chinese extrusion machines, the length-diameter ratio of the machines and the size ratio of the heads have been adjusted accordingly. The number of heating zones and the change of temperature adjustable range have been increased, which makes the plasticization of plastics in the production process better, more efficient, and the eccentricity easier to adjust, so as to achieve a machine. The plasticization, cross-linking and thermal elongation of XLPE are guaranteed. The PE surface is smoother, and the printing attachment is enhanced by adjusting the position of the jet printing. With the use of laser theodolite, the insulation appearance of the finished product is perfect, and the cut surface is round and no air holes. The excellent rate and line speed are greatly improved, thus the efficiency is improved and the cost is reduced.

Cabling machine:

Our package machines are customized according to our production requirements, to ensure smooth and non-scratch inlet channel, high-speed stability and non-vibration, pitch mechanical adjustment, the loading and unloading efficiency of the disc machine have been optimized and improved, to ensure and improve the rate of product excellence.

Armoured machine and wrapping machine:

In the production process of concentric cable, the stable cladding layer is the most important link. Many improvements and optimizations have been made from the drawing, aging, rewinding, assembling and cladding of single wire to ensure that the pitch of single wire is stable and the cladding is tight.

C:Institutional characteristics

Raw materials can be customized according to needs, and traceable products can be traced.

In each of our production links, raw materials, aluminum rods, insulation materials procurement is generally fixed manufacturers, customized according to our process requirements, aluminum rod alloy composition has our special requirements, insulation material proportion has special requirements, so as to ensure that raw materials can meet our production process and processing technology, from the source to protect The certificate has good rate and very low reject rate.

Specifically to each production link, do 100% inspection and testing to ensure that the next link into the qualified rate of 100%.

The final product testing to achieve 100%, to ensure that our factory every single, every piece of goods, every meter of cable 100% qualified. Every link of every product can be traced back to the producer and the QC. Let every employee bear the responsibility of quality on his shoulders, do the quality inspection of the whole staff, everyone should be responsible for the quality of the products he participates in.



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